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31st Mar 2013, 8:43 PM

I can remember this so well to date, and I wished I recorded it all. You all travelled to a near distant area to regroup, and I decided to try and find where you had all regrouped, so I decided to lay traps at the base, and wait for you all to come to me (which you did). I set the traps off when you approached me to buy me some time, and ran to nearby water where I already had a boat placed, in the boat I speedhacked around and back to the base, and then walked in the direction that you came from, stumbling upon a nice little village where you stored most of your valuables, just incase you died. Thinking back to it, Nodus was the best client back then, and autoheal worked, so thinking about it, I could have killed everyone there and sent everyone back to spawn, but I was paranoid one of you had some sort of autoheal too. Still, it was nice, 4 vs 1, and the odds at that time were on my side too :)

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