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18th Apr 2012, 6:04 PM

Ravendel lasted 3 months in reality, wish you got there sooner because it was pretty nice.

18th Apr 2012, 6:08 PM

you could probably go see ravendel, we left it intact but we left because our coords were discovered. congrats to those that may find it.

18th Apr 2012, 7:07 PM

I wanted to stay in the pirate ship :(

9th Aug 2016, 3:58 PM

What are the cords for Ravendel? I'd love to see such a town.

9th Aug 2016, 8:46 PM

I'm sure the coords are on my comp somewhere. I think somewhere at x14k or x40k, that's all I remember.

30th Sep 2012, 7:48 PM

I built that ship it was supposed to be an airship but I ran out of wool. Also im not sure if im in this but if I am I dont know what I look like.

27th Oct 2012, 8:22 AM

I found Ravendel! There's not much left unfortunately...

9th Aug 2016, 8:44 PM

This makes me sad :(

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